Guitar Lessons Ahead!

by Three Sistas and the Moustache Lady

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Hello fellow rock fans and rockers alike! Ben and Kyle (us) are now officially offering our rock services to the massives and giving out guitar lessons for money! The rock gods (Jeremy and Pemby) have spoken to us and then they said that if we make some money doing guitar lessons we can buy that DRUM SET WE'VE BEEN WAITING TOWARDS!

so get up to us and ask us if you want guitar lessons! only 20 dollars per time we play it, you have to bring your own guitar because i only have my one guitar and it would be hard to always be switching back and forth and it would be slow and i like my guitar.

so get your guitar, grab your mom (or your dads) or your dads money and come into my dining room (or dad's office is he is again into Guam) and lets rock for the MOUNTINAS!


released August 13, 2015

Ben did this to get you OVER THE HOUSE TO Rock
Compaq is BACK!
IT took event in the living room this time cause the laptop is Movable!



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Three Sistas and the Moustache Lady Brookline, Massachusetts

THREE SISTAS is a cool band featuring of Kyle (guitar/vox age 12), Ben (drums, age 12) and JEREMY (age 14!!!). Ben needs a drum set so bad but his parents dont like the noise so he uses other drum instrements. i want to become one of the greats like henrix, page, opata, gene simmons and kurt cobon. We also absolutely love CRABS AND SCORPIONS!! They are great if you have a report for school ... more

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Track Name: Rocking Roll Guitar Lessons!
rock and roll is a great adventure
having a good time with a laugh and a smile
guitar lessons with the scorpion brothers
scorpions always go the extra mile
so come on down to see the scorpion brothers
we'll teach you the skills that you need to know
to write great songs just like the scorpion brothers
rocking and rolling and having some fun