The Scopion Brothers EP

by Three Sistas and the Moustache Lady

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I recorded this on my dad's compaq a couple of days ago when he was away at work cause usually i have to use our gateway in the kitchen and my dad doesnt like music. ben was in trinidad with his moms anddad and so they had the vacation and i wrote sone songs for the time while he was gone. maybe we will do it again but right now i like theyse great old songs. the songs are allll about SCOPRIONS!!!!!!! I did a project at shcool about scoprions and they are the coolest reptiles ever. they have poinson on there tails and claws that pinch you. ben and me think we are like the scoprions because our music pinches you with enrollment. jeremy is with ben, because jeremy and ben are brothers. JEREMEY TOLD ME ABOUT SCOPRIONS!!!!

someday ben will come over at get his drums set up in the dining room and i will got my great guitar and we will rock the songs out. . BEN AND ME ARE BEST FRIENDS IN A BAND!!!!! LONG LIVE KURT COBON!!!! NIRVANA!!!! IS A GREAT BAND....



released May 27, 2014

Kyle - Guitar, Sing, write the song!
ben - trinidad vacation!
compaq - the computer to record it in the dining room again by myself the
dining room is where we did it at my house last week
this is really simple pop songs that are gonna be with the band maybe somedya!!!

We are going to get a website too soon but i dont know huw to make a band website on facebok. how do you do it



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Three Sistas and the Moustache Lady Brookline, Massachusetts

THREE SISTAS is a cool band featuring of Kyle (guitar/vox age 12), Ben (drums, age 12) and JEREMY (age 14!!!). Ben needs a drum set so bad but his parents dont like the noise so he uses other drum instrements. i want to become one of the greats like henrix, page, opata, gene simmons and kurt cobon. We also absolutely love CRABS AND SCORPIONS!! They are great if you have a report for school ... more

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Track Name: The Scorpion Brothers
everybody have a good time today
everybody has a good time when the scorpion brothers are here

everytime you have a cool party or a barbecue
the scorpion brothers are the best

if you go to the beach
the scorpion brothers will be there

scorpion brothers
scorpion brothers
scorpion brothers
Track Name: Adventures of the Scorpion Brothers
this is the song about the adventures of scorpion brothers
we are the brothers who are also scorpions
we like we like we like scorpions
everybody at school thinks that i'm the best
they all tell me that i'm so so cool
and i know a lot of stuff about all the scorpions
i am the best, best best best best best friends
and we are all all all in love with the scorpions
Track Name: Tattoo Me a Scorpion
when i grow up to be a rock star
i'm going to get a lot of tattoos
when i get the tattoos
i will get a scorpion
scorpion for my brother
me and mr scorpion brother
me and kyle have the scorpions
scorpion scorpion scorpion scorpion
Track Name: Scorpion Scoprion
at my school they say i'm cool because i am scorpion brother
at my school they say i'm fun because i am scorpion brother
at my school i am sweet everybody loves that i am a scorpion
scorpion scorpion scorpion scorpion
Track Name: My Own Citizen
nobody can tell me what to do
because i am my own citizen
nobody can tell me how i feel
because i am scorpion brother

i am one of the scorpion brothers
the scorpion brothers
i am the scorpion, the scorpion
the scorpion brother